Gua sha stone


GUA SHA STONE is natural stone and traditional secret magnet method, used to activate blood circulation.  Our  naturally crafted  GUA SHA stone provides the skin with a self love healing experience by stimulating muscle flow and activating  the stagnant areas of the skin. 

Best paired with Gracefull Glow hydrating face oil  to boost absorption and decrease facial tension, while rejuvenating skin and increasing moisture renewal.


- Supports a firm face line, and reduces facial tension

- Soothes Wrinkles and Reduces Puffiness

- Minimizes double chin

- During facial massages, provides maximum  absorption for oils, moisturizers and mists. 

Store in the fridge for extra soothing effects.

How to use : Cleanse skin with warm water, apply facial mist spray, serum, or oil, massage skin slowly and gently with GUA SHA stone.

Due to natural formations of each stone. Each tool will be unique. .

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